WhiteWater announces Brass Ring Award for Tailspin


Orlando, Florida (November 20th, 2019) – At IAAPA Expo, WhiteWater received a Brass Ring Award for Tailspin in the Best New Product: Water Park Ride/Attraction category. A big anchor attraction without the associated price tag, Tailspin has been designed to deliver a thrilling ride experience and high impact presence while also being an affordable to buy and affordable to maintain water slide. The slide creates a memorable ride experience with an optimal mix of physical and visual sensations that create a high-thrill, multi-sensory ride experience for the entire family.

By merging a disc with a helix, Tailspin is itself a fusion, combining the high-banking rotations of a bowl with the rapid descent of a flume. The slide is a proven crowd pleaser, and the open Tailspin gives riders a chance to see the journey that lays ahead as they’re pinned high on the outside wall, spiraling downwards at up to 25 kilometers per hour (16 mph).

“We’re incredibly excited to have Tailspin recognized by IAAPA as a ground-breaking slide. Every park, from small municipal recreation centres to sprawling water parks aim to provide their guests with safe and fun attractions; on top of that, all parks look to have unique and iconic rides to differentiate themselves and to help drive their gate. Tailspin delivers all of this and more,” explained Geoff Chutter, President & CEO of WhiteWater.

Often, big anchor attractions will also come with big price tags, putting them out of reach for municipal recreation centres and small to mid-size parks. With Tailspin, these parks can now have an iconic ride of their own that will be an eye-catching landmark that can be printed on ads, souvenirs, posters, and other marketing material.

This past summer, Whirlin’ Waters Adventure Waterpark in North Charleston, South Carolina, introduced their newest slide complex, The Washout, which features two WhiteWater water slides. On one side of the 65 feet deck is where visitors will find the ground-breaking Tailspin. The slide is a fusion, with an AquaSphere at the top and a Rattler at the bottom.

Tailspin’s design delivers ‘big flume’ excitement and maximum thrills in a minimal footprint. Available in 2-person inner tube and 3 and 4-person family raft sizes, Tailspin is a high-thrill slide that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Its robust design also allows for extensive ‘fusionability’, as the Tailspin can enter and exit most other features that have a range of flow rates, speeds, and oscillations—as well as not requiring an additional pump. With no moving parts, sprayers, or jets, Tailspin also requires minimal maintenance.

Dawn Kirby