WhiteWater Honoured with Multiple Brass Ring Awards at the 2017 IAAPA Attractions Expo

The Vancouver waterpark and attractions designer and manufacturer won two Brass Ring Awards for Best New Product for their work on the family adventure attraction, Water Transportation System, as adapted for Morgan’s Inspiration Island, and the exciting doubled-winged waterslide Manta 71.

“We are proud of each and every Brass Ring we win, and these are numbers 32 and 33 for us since they started in 1991. The continual recognition our products receive is an important testament to the quality of the rides we produce, but more importantly is the job they do for our clients by operating smoothly and satisfying every ‘play type’ of guest,” said CEO Geoff Chutter.

A water ride made for everyone to enjoy side-by-side

Morgan’s Inspiration Island, the world’s first ultra-inclusive splash park, has been designed to be inclusive of all cognitive, physical, and sensory abilities so that all of its guests can experience the joy of play.

WhiteWater redesigned the classic Water Transportation System, as well as created five custom-themed, fully-inclusive splash pads, to meet Morgan’s mandate to create a place where everyone can play.

Morgan’s River Boat Adventure twists and turns more than an eighth of a mile through a jungle setting, by means of WhiteWater’s Water Transportation System, which has been redesigned to easily accommodate wheelchairs and guests with physical limitations, giving everyone an opportunity to experience the fun of a river journey.

With WhiteWater’s design, all guests can queue together and the boats can be boarded from anywhere on the platform by simply wheeling straight on and off. Guests in wheelchairs can ride with family, friends, and care-givers in the same boat, allowing them to share the experience. Modifying the station elevation also allows guests with ambulatory challenges to step in and out of the boat, instead of up and over the sides. The flat ‘roll on, roll off’ feature makes loading wheelchairs just as easy as walking onboard allowing all guests to queue together, so that there’s no segregation. It’s not just about accessibility, it’s about inclusion.

Spinning with wings

WhiteWater’s Manta slides are the only ‘winged’ waterslide on the market. The skyline profile of the Manta’s enormous wings makes it a ‘feature’ slide for any park – designed to thrill the whole family.

Cleverly designed to combine multiple sensations into one ride, riders near the end of an enclosed flume only to see the imposing walls of the Manta rising ahead of them, heightening the anticipation. They then drop 23-feet into the valley below before speeding up the other side to reach a feeling of weightlessness, then back down and up again, oscillating multiple times before coming to the end of the Manta and exiting out of its enclosed tail.

Differing from other funnel slides on the market, the Manta entrance is a more accommodating shape allowing for flexibility in upstream slide path design, which can be an important factor when meeting space requirements, enabling it also to work in indoor parks.

This family raft slide can be seen in installations in Russia, China, and the USA.

Dawn Kirby