WhiteWater Prevails on Over 96% of Claims Brought by ProSlide

Orlando, FL – November 9, 2023 saw a jury issue a split decision on a small number of claims in the patent litigation brought by ProSlide Technology against WhiteWater West Industries.

From the eight patents asserted, WhiteWater eliminated five in their entirety from the case.

In its complaint, ProSlide alleged that five WhiteWater products infringed 193 claims involving eight patents. Over the course of the litigation, the judge found one of ProSlide’s patents to be invalid, as well as part of a second, with 96% of the 193 originally asserted patent claims being dismissed with prejudice.

Jury’s Decision Split Between WhiteWater and ProSlide

The Orlando jury found in WhiteWater’s favour on one patent and in ProSlide’s favour on only six claims in two patents, related solely to the United States. The jury resoundingly rejected ProSlide’s damages demand, awarding a small fraction of ProSlide’s excessive original damages claim, which was reduced to a six-figure amount.

WhiteWater remains committed to responsible innovation and respecting intellectual property rights of others. As to the claims on which the jury verdict favoured ProSlide, WhiteWater believes that it submitted sufficient evidence at trial which supports that WhiteWater’s products do not infringe any patents. As such, WhiteWater fully intends to pursue all available legal remedies, including seeking to set aside the jury’s findings by allowing appellant patent judges to determine the outcome.

CEO Geoff Chutter was reflective, stating, “We stand behind the integrity of our team and the care they take in the development of our products. We believe in the non-infringement of all these claims and maintain that this will be proven.”  

Harmony Liau