WhiteWater’s Water Coaster (MASSIV) Continues to Take Home the Hardware

Leading Edge

The World Waterpark Association’s Leading Edge Award winners have been announced and it’s yet another win for WhiteWater’s MASSIV water coaster, located at Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark. The reason for MASSIV’s continuously expanding trophy case is down to not only its thrilling ride experience but its also equally impressive innovative and efficient design.

WWA’s Leading Edge Awards are given to parks and suppliers who have developed new concepts, products, or services to the benefit of park members, their customers, and the water attractions industry. At 24.86 meters (81 feet 6.72 inches) high, the record-holding world’s tallest water coaster is a site to behold, but it’s what’s working behind the scenes that makes MASSIV truly ‘leading edge’.

Smart Blast technology for economic efficiency

A ride as epic as MASSIV requires a lot of power to propel riders up and over its many peaks and valleys; this is after all not your typical waterslide, but a water coaster. In the past, the jets used to power guests uphill would have been continuously on, pumping water non-stop, resulting in an inefficient use of power and water. WhiteWater has solved this uneconomical use of energy by developing their Smart Blast technology which uses variable frequency drives (VFDs) and a proprietary control algorithm to dynamically adjust pump speeds while the ride is in operation. The new system saves significant power by only ramping up motor speed when it’s needed to drive riders uphill. It also reduces the wear and tear on the mechanical equipment and is more energy efficient because the motor is not constantly running at a set speed.

In-house innovation from people who care

Many of WhiteWater’s innovations, such as their new Smart Blast technology, come from their in-house Mechatronics group. A specialist engineering team within WhiteWater, they work hard for partner parks to develop the propriety technology that makes WhiteWater’s rides so innovative, efficient, and unique.

A team effort

WhiteWater’s collaboration with Schlitterbahn, their co-winners of the Leading Edge Award, has made the game-changing technology behind MASSIV possible. Thanks to their teamwork, waterslides and waterparks have become more sustainable and economical. It is just another way that WhiteWater is with their partners to help them achieve their goals.

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Dawn Kirby