ZooTampa’s Making a Big Splash

Guests at ZooTampa are making rounds to experience Roaring Springs, the exhilarating Shoot the Chute at ZooTampa that’s got the rest of the zoo animals clamouring for attention. The attraction is more than just another water ride, it is a spectacle to watch and experience. 

Most of us don’t expect the rip-roaring splash of a water ride in the wilderness, but ZooTampa challenged convention by looking into ways to differentiate their guest offering. Roaring Springs, the latest water adventure at ZooTampa has broken ground by transforming the conventional zoo experience and adding to the entertainment value with an iconic water ride splash and experience.

Paving the path for the future of zoos
Pointing to the growing relevance of water rides for zoos, Roaring Springs marks the evolving role of zoos as hybrid venues of learning, entertainment, and wildlife conservation. Enabling the whole family to revel in the thrilling experience of a water ride, Roaring Springs allows guests of all ages to discover a hidden part of Florida full of adventure and thrills.

The ride takes guests on a journey where they begin by getting on board a boat, and gently drift along a crystal-clear spring, surrounded by native landscape and wildlife of ZooTampa. The journey takes a sudden turn when the elevation drops. Guests feel a rush of adrenaline as they experience a three-story splashdown, culminating in a spectacular and iconic splash that can be seen and heard from quite a distance in the zoo. The less adventurous guests revel in simply watching the gigantic splash on the overseeing the ride.

Making a difference with Roaring Springs
ZooTampa’s largest expansion in ten years, Roaring Springs has replaced a former flume ride that needed upgrades with a bigger and better water ride adventure. “Part of our mission is to create exceptional, personalized experiences that connect people with wildlife and each other in fun, immersive ways,” said the ZooTampa’s CEO, Joe Couceiro. “Roaring Springs will provide thrills for guests while the continued transformation of the Florida Region improves the Zoo’s capacity to rescue threatened native wildlife throughout the state. With these enhancements, the evolution of the Zoo continues and gives our guests reasons to keep coming back.”

According to Jordanna Bower, Vice President, Business Development & Sales, WhiteWater, “Water Rides have a much broader appeal than just theme and amusement parks, and the Roaring Springs ride at ZooTampa exemplifies how they are an excellent fit in diverse family-friendly venues such as zoos. It’s great to see this forward-looking approach in the industry, where a growing number of venues are taking stock of their ride and experience mix and looking at new ways to reinvent them. Roaring Springs points to the dawn of a new era for zoos.”

Adding value and variety to the guest experience, Roaring Springs shows us how a water ride can redefine the typical zoo experience, by taking it beyond the idea of watching animals and learning about them. Bringing in diversity, guest appeal, and entertainment value, it enriches the zoo experience while adding variety and interactivity that guests enjoy.

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Cassidy Newman