Racing slides do not need to be limited to mat racers. Choose from a catalogue of race timers and red/green start lights to create dueling slides, such as Master Blasters, Head Rush Mat Rides, and AquaLoops. Guests will ride again and again to beat their family and friends.

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Smart Blast

Our Smart Blast technology uses variable frequency drives (VFDs) and a proprietary control algorithm to dynamically engage pumps only when they’re needed while the ride is in operation to generate significant power savings and reduce the wear and tear on mechanical equipment.

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Sound and Light Effects

Based on your park’s theming, we can create a custom Sound and Light Package that will complement your ride’s slide path with multi-coloured LED lights and sound effects, including music.

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Dispatch Control

Dispatch Control assists water slide operators in managing their dispatches more efficiently by helping to ensure that slides are clear before dispatching another rider. When the slide is in use, the light is red, once the slide is cleared, the light turns green.

Add a Little Tech to Your Slide

We have a range of water slide technology solutions from start to finish and all points in the middle.

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