R1_Destination Series - Monument Catalog AD

Destination Series – Monument

The Destination Series of attractions are individual entertainment hubs that consist of multiple tried-and-true adventure play components comprising slides, harnessed, and unharnessed net play. The tallest of the 3 Destination Series models with a footprint of only 800 square meters, Monument is a compact “hive” of adventure.

R1_Destination Series - Ampitheater Catalog AD

Destination Series – Amphitheatre

The second largest of the 3 configurations has a footprint of 1,000 square meters and is named Amphitheater based on its semicircular or oval shape. This high-capacity attraction features multiple levels of aerial adventure, zipping, climbing, unharnessed net play and sliding components to suit the preferences of guests of all ages.

R1_Destination Series - Stadium Catalog AD

Destination Series – Stadium

In line with the other models in the Destination series, the 1,300 square meter Stadium features the same components as Amphitheater and Monument but is architecturally designed so each harnessed or unharnessed area of play follows a circular track with the climbing activity area in the center.

Adventure Trail_Cedar Point

Adventure Trail

The Adventure Trail lets the whole family explore together, criss-crossing between soaring towers, rope bridges, climbs, and slides. Encourage active play with multi-level exploration and discovery by engaging guests both physically and mentally. Attracting a wide demographic, Adventure Trail is ideal for amusement parks, resorts, zoos, waterparks, hotels, and aquariums.


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Net Bridge lets the whole family explore together, criss-crossing between soaring towers. Encourage a
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