Smart Start’s dispatch control system makes it easier for guests and attendants to get the vehicle loaded and dispatched, potentially improving throughput and reducing risk of injury while loading.

Besides ensuring that the ride path is clear, Smart Start ensures that there is proper water flow on the ride. Concerns related to collisions and accidents keep most park operators awake at night. With Smart Start, these dispatch related aspects are now monitored intelligently. When any of the three components are not met, the conveyor belt will not roll forward. This is the kind of assurance Smart Start delivers.

Key Product Highlights

Dry conveyor belt start platform

Integrated load cell under the conveyor belt

Clear path confidence

Water flow monitoring

Visual indicator

Data reporting


Over 5,000 installations worldwide

Let your rides start smart with Smart Start

Make use of Smart Start’s dispatch control system to create a safe ride dispatch experience for your park guests, and take your throughput to the next level.

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