Perfect, powerful, and customizable waves for all abilities, backed by decades of wave technology experience and a belief that everyone should discover the magic of surfing.

WhiteWater’s first surf pool was built in 1989 and is still in operation today. We’ve taken that heritage and, with expert wave designers, enhanced the reliable pneumatic technology to create Endless rolling sets, designed for operational ease, flexibility, high capacity, and above all else, safety.

Endless Surf provides iconic inland surfing that will draw guests of all ages to surf parks. While developers can find comfort in our proven track record designing experiences which keep guests onsite and drive ROI.

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Key Product Highlights

Unique Zones: So experts, intermediates, and beginners can surf simultaneously to maximize capacity

High Capacity: Up to 75 surfers per session

Powerful Waves: 2 to 7 foot waves, every 10 seconds for rides of up to 26 seconds

Waves on Command: Customizable waves from our Wave Doctor interface to create endless variety and guaranteed surfer satisfaction


Surf parks are the newest type of aquatic entertainment venue, and what will make the best more successful than the rest will continue to be how they deliver an authentic guest experience. The complete experience of Endless Surf merges an entertainment hub with beach chill out and the adrenaline of surfing; each contributing a different element to the mix. Endless Surf’s patented pool and 360-degree boardwalk give you more space, which equals more opportunity to create an environment and atmosphere that everyone in the family will want to linger in and soak up. From the Surf Concierge at front of house to the Surf Doctor at back of house, we’ve thought of ways to help make Surf Parks run smoothly and deliver an exceptional experience people will want to share. Find out more at


Endless Surf is shaping the future of Surf Parks. We’d love to hear about your plans!

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