The FlowRider Double® is the most popular stationary wave machine in the industry, so much so that it has become an icon.

From water parks to beachside bars and malls, FlowRider Doubles can be found almost anywhere today. The attraction is wide enough to accommodate two riders at once with the inflatable Flow Fence™ installed, giving a capacity of 240 to 480 rides per hour. Like all the other FlowRider models, the FlowRider Double features a soft perimeter padding system and our patented tensioned ride surface for maximum safety. 

Key Product Highlights

Generate revenue from food & beverage and retail

Max Recovery System for soft, durable landings

Patented, tensioned ride surface for maximum safety

Create buzz by hosting tournaments and events

Capacity of 240 to 480 rides per hour

Dimensions of 9.75m (32 ft) by 16.25m (53 ft)

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