FlowRider Single®, with its small footprint, is perfect for venues with limited space.

It is 30% smaller than the FlowRider Double®, with 400 square feet of ride surface. Although it’s small, the FlowRider Single is outfitted with our proprietary technologies such as the tensioned surface that reduces incidences of injury. It’s the perfect FlowRider to make waves at malls, restaurants, bars, or beach clubs because of its compact size and ability to draw crowds.

Key Product Highlights

Footprint of 161 m² (1,728 ft² )

Generates sales from food & beverage and retail

Max Recovery System for soft, durable landings

Generate revenue from hosting events

Capacity of 240 rides per hour

Patented, tensioned ride surface for maximum safety

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FlowRider Single - The Merton Hotel, Jersey, UK
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Hyatt Hill TX FRS (6)

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