Rivers are a fun way for guests to not only enjoy the scenery as they move around your park, but be entertained by the motion of waves as well.

Product Customization

Wave River - Xocomil, Guatemala


We can create customized theming for any river to give your guests an enhanced experience. From tropical jungles to Mayan ruins, we can transport the rider to a fantasy world.

Wave River, Sunac Waterpark, Guangzhou, China, Photo46

Thrilling or Relaxing

Choose from Wave/Lazy Rivers or Extreme Rivers depending on what guests prefer. All types of rivers can be themed, and the types and frequency of waves and be easily controlled.

Lazy River - Solaris Aquapark, Šibenik, Croatia

Endless design possibilities

Design your river to take guests anywhere within your park – let them cruise around the perimeter or bob around iconic rides.

Let us help you bring your vision to life

Contact our team of experts today to talk about what you envision for your park.

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Lazy River - Typhoon Texas Waterpark, TX, USA

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