Walhalla takes a few robust and exciting slide sensations and combines them in an entirely new way with an ultra-low operating cost. It is a very high-energy slide, meaning highest climbs, highest speeds, and highest thrill, without increase in rider risk. At the same time, the total height is reduced compared to the nearest market alternative, meaning lower power cost from pumping water.

One of those rides that can define an entire park, Walhalla stands out as a distinctly different looking ride. The ride path has several prime locations for photo or video shoots, perfect for your park’s social media and ad campaigns. There’s the near-weightless drop, the smooth transition to being pressed into your seat, then the zero-G wall, the mini speed bump, the unequaled sense of velocity, concluded with a smooth oscillating finish. Any and all these areas can be used to maximize the entertainment of both riders and non-riders.

Key Product Highlights

Extreme Gs

Zero gravity sensation




540 riders/hr

All ages

Walhalla 6-person raft ride
Walhalla, Meryal Waterpark, Lusail, Qatar
People in a raft on a water slide through a Manta section

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