We all know the importance of choosing the right slide for your park. In the quest to find the most thrilling, the family-friendliest, or the first-of-its-kind, it’s important not to overlook what will be holding your slide up.

Choosing the right slide tower finishes and theming for your water park’s environment and climate can help extend the life of your tower while also creating an impactful aesthetic that can completely change your park’s landscape.

Finishes and Materials

WhiteWater offers multiple tower options that range in longevity, appearance, and cost, with some better suited for indoor environments, while others perform better in outdoor parks. Add canopy covers, guard and hand rails, along with paneling, to customize your tower to meet your park’s needs.


Beyond the finish and materials options for your slide tower, WhiteWater can also create aesthetic tower solutions that complement your slide or park’s colours and theming while helping to enhance your park’s overall appearance.

Giving Your Tower Some Love, Too

Often overlooked, your slide tower is often one of the biggest structures in your water park. Instead of trying to blend them in, why not make them stand out, for all the right reasons?

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"Building a brand new waterpark from scratch is a huge undertaking. We needed a partner with the horsepower to get it done and WhiteWater was the right decision."
Keith A. Dalton
Co-President, Typhoon Texas