Add surprise bursts of colour and light to unveil the drops, twists, and turns that lie ahead in a slide path heightening sensations and creating suspense. A kaleidoscope of colours can be added in an endless array of shapes and patterns, including your logo, to create a one-of-a-kind slide and ride experience that your guests are sure to talk about.



Renowned for its unparalleled clarity and strength, our Translucent fiberglass illuminates enclosed flumes, giving riders the opportunity to see what’s ahead, and guests a sneak peak into the exciting ride that awaits them. Translucent fiberglass has even been used in some open flume applications where parks wanted to give guest a chance to see riders flying by overhead.

Flatline Loop Water Slide at Carnival Cruise Line - Spirit


Go beyond colour by elevating your slide’s appearance with fiberglass veils. Choose from an extensive catalogue of designs to add a patterned layer to the non-ride surface of your close-moulded slide parts to complement your park’s brand, theme, and narrative. 

fiberglass finish options veils for water slides

Customize Your Water Slide

Add another layer of customization that will set your water slide apart from the competition. See how adding effects and finishes can transform your attraction into can’t miss ride.

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"Building a brand new waterpark from scratch is a huge undertaking. We needed a partner with the horsepower to get it done and WhiteWater was the right decision."
Keith A. Dalton
Co-President, Typhoon Texas
Boomerango, Typhoon Texas Waterpark, Katy, USA