CocoCay is a private island owned and operated by Royal Caribbean in The Bahamas. At the heart of the island lies Perfect Day at CocoCay and it’s main attraction: Thrill Waterpark. Daring the most adrenaline-seeking guests to conquer their fears and take on two scream-worthy towers, Thrill Waterpark provides non stop fun to travelers sailing through the Bahamas.

Designed by WhiteWater, Daredevil’s Tower stands at a whopping 135-feet high (41m). Featuring unique themeing, the bright colors of the tower have become synonymous with the adventure and thrills that the island has come to represent. WhiteWater slides like the Freefall prove that the higher you climb the bigger the rush. Riders can also choose to become hypnotized by the AquaLucent polka dot pattern in the AquaTube slide.

Bravery loves company on the Splash Summit tower where families can ride six awesome slides together. Experience zero gravity sensations on the Boomerango or partner up and take on the spiraling Inner Tube Constrictor, a spiraling slide that sends riders through complete darkness on a series of spine-tingling spirals.

Project Highlights


Tallest Water Slide in North America

135 ft

Tower Height

53 KPH

Freefall top speed

"They have thrill rides, they have lazy stuff, scale of 1-10 I would rank it a 10 if not an 11. I am literally blown away. That big slide (Daredevil’s Peak), out of all the water slides I have ever done in my life, is the best one I have ever done. You are pulling major G force and speed throughout all of the turns. Fantastic attraction."
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