Guests at ZooTampa are making rounds to experience the exciting new arrival that’s got the animals clamoring for attention. Roaring Springs, the exhilarating new Shoot the Chute at ZooTampa, is more than just another water ride; it is a spectacle to watch and experience.

Pointing to the growing relevance of water rides for zoos, Roaring Springs marks the evolving role of zoos as hybrid venues of learning and wildlife conservation with entertainment. Enabling the whole family to revel in the thrilling experience of a water ride, Roaring Springs allows guests of all ages to discover a hidden part of Florida full of adventure and thrills.

The ride takes guests on a journey where they begin by boarding a boat and gently drift along a crystal-clear spring, surrounded by native landscape and wildlife of ZooTampa. The journey takes a sudden turn when the elevation drops, giving guests an adrenaline rush as they experience a three-story splashdown, culminating in a spectacular splash that can be seen and heard from a distance in the zoo.

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stories high Shoot the Chute drop

518 ft.

total distance of Shoot the Chute

42 km/h

maximum speed

Shoot the Chute, ZooTampa, FL, USA
Shoot the Chute, ZooTampa, FL, USA
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Shoot the Chute, ZooTampa, FL, USA
"Part of our mission is to create exceptional, personalized experiences that connect people. Roaring Springs provides an enhancements and evolution of the Zoo to continue to give our guests a reason to keep coming back."
A photo of ZooTampa Joe Couceiro, CEO at ZooTampa

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