WhiteWater IDEA Scholarship

Supporting inclusivity, diversity, equity & accessibility within the IAAPA Institute for Attractions Executives

Thank you for your interest in the WhiteWater IDEA Scholarship.

Applications are now closed.

Stregthen your leadership skills at the IAAPA Institute

What: The IAAPA Institute for Attractions Executives (IAE) offers a unique opportunity for senior-level leaders in the global attractions industry to increase their strategic leadership skills.

When & Where: January 7- 12, 2024 in Orlando, FL, USA

You will learn:

-How to leverage emotional value 

-How to implement organizational change

-Knowledge of leadership best practices in the experience economy 


Reach out to IAEScholarship@iaapa.org


Fostering A Diverse Attractions Industry

As part of our ongoing commitment to fostering diversity in the industry, WhiteWater has joined forces with IAAPA to launch a scholarship program dedicated to supporting individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. By sponsoring one individual to partake in the forthcoming IAAPA Attractions Institute this January, we aim to pave the way for diverse leadership in the future and invest in the next generation of industry leaders. This initiative, designed to bridge the opportunity gap, provides financial support and educational access, effectively removing financial constraints and systemic barriers. Our ultimate goal is to foster the growth and recognition of hidden talent and potential, ensuring that no one, particularly those who might otherwise be overlooked or undervalued, is hindered from reaching their full potential. The scholarship includes the registration fee for the week-long session as well as $2,000 USD towards hotel and airfare.