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 IAAPA Award

Winner of IAAPA Best New Product Award



Ultimate combination of sensations within one waterslide

The gold standard for multi-person waterslides. It offers a truly unique and thrilling experience, and adds tremendous capacity to our waterpark. It’s easily our guests’ favorite group ride.” - Tim Fisher, CEO of Village Road Show


The Boomerango goes down in history for revolutionizing the waterpark industry by adding an iconic experience to a traditional waterslide. Featuring a steep drop that takes riders up a near vertical wall for a moment of weightlessness and into free fall, riders surmount a surprise hump before splashing into the shutdown area.

Product Features

  • Rated favourite waterslide by industry experts
  • Develop immersive experiences with custom theming
  • Add spectator appeal with dedicated viewing areas to increase guest excitement and satisfaction which facilitates:
      -Extended length of stay
      -Photo opportunities for sharing
      -Increased food and beverage sales
      -Additional merchandise revenue
  • A reversed free-fall accelerates riders over a 6 ft high transition hump, and then into a splashdown pool
  • Add an enclosed flume to build anticipation to the impending drop ahead
  • Fully-enclosed version creates a thrilling dark attraction
  • Strong visual and spectator appeal keeps guests coming back, again and again


Ask for our Fiberglass Colour Guide to select your custom colour from over 40 colour options.

Fiberglass Colour Guide

Product Sales Sheet

Boomerango Sales Sheet


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Boomerango Videos

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Family BoomerangoTM

Facts & Figures
  • Capacity per hour: 360 - 1080 guests
  • Vehicle: 1 - 2 person inner-tube; 4, 6 or 8 person family rafts
  • Speed: 12 - 13 m/s (40 - 44 ft/s)
  • Height: 14 - 17 m (45 - 55 ft)
  • Flow Rate: 20 l/s (315 USgpm)
  • Flume Width: 1.4 - 3 m (54 - 120 in)
  • Pool Depth: 0.6 - 1.1 m (2 - 3.5 ft)

Product patent 6729963