Partnering with Qetaifan Projects, WhiteWater is building the 160,000 square meters (1,700,000 square feet) Meryal water park on Qetaifan Island North. Breaking the world record for the tallest water slide in the world, once complete, the park’s Icon Tower will stand at an incredible 85 meters (260 feet)—just four meters (13 feet) shy of Big Ben. In addition to breaking a world record for the tallest water slide, the Icon Tower will also feature the most water slides on a single tower.

Overall, the Icon Tower will contain 12 rides—two placed on each of the tower’s six levels. Because of its record-breaking height, the water slide tower will also feature two pedestrian elevators to take guests up to the tower’s different levels. Using conveyors to bring the ride vehicles up to the water slides, the slides will offer a mixture of sensations from multiple oscillations to zero-gravity and extreme Gs and be a global-scale public attraction once completed. Packing 23 features onto its 85-meter (262 foot) structure, the Icon Tower blends history and technology together by recognizing the region’s origins while pushing the boundaries of innovation. Expected to accommodate 6,500 people a day, Meryal’s rides have all been inspired by the Qatari culture, reflecting the region’s oil and gas industry.

Project Highlights


meter high slide tower – tallest in the world


water slides on the Icon Tower


water slides in the water park

"The Icon Tower is going to be a really big attraction and achievement for Qatar. We have unique water slides that are pushing the bounds of engineering and innovation, which won’t be found anywhere else."
Construction of Meryal Icon Tower, Qetaifan Island North, Qatar Eng. Mustafa El-Cherkawi, Assistant Construction Manager, Qetaifan Projects