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WhiteWater brings the fun as The ORIGINAL Waterpark & Attractions Company in two splashy ways; the first is just that – being first. In 1980, WhiteWater dove in feet-first; growing from a successful waterpark operation into a thriving designer and manufacturer of waterpark attractions, we’ve been making waves ever since.

But ORIGINAL is also about being seriously fun and innovative! It’s about thinking outside-the-pool; taking time to play, creating the newest, coolest attractions; not being afraid to be different and to take risks; and most of all, supplying the most memorable, WOW-that-made-my-day experiences in the world!

That’s how we do ORIGINAL!

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WhiteWater has a rich history of success because we constantly strive to innovate and evolve as the industry’s global leader.

Our unparalleled expertise and our commitment to exceeding expectations are proven with WhiteWater’s growing list of over 50 awards and accomplishments.

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WhiteWater is a member of several world class organizations related to the aquatic amusement industry such as the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), World Waterpark Association (WWA) and National Recreation & Parks Association (NRPA).

Corporate Values

Committed to Professionalism, Innovation and Constant Improvement

  1. Safety is everyone’s top priority.
  2. When our customers are happy, we’re happy.
  3. We believe that work should be creative and fun, and carried out in a positive atmosphere.
  4. We operate with integrity.
  5. We strive for continual improvement.
  6. We believe in accountability and responsibility for every employee.

Corporate Values

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Innovative provider of fun family attractions worldwide. Proud professionals committed to constant improvement.

WhiteWater Attractions

WhiteWater Attractions is an evolution of WhiteWater’s two dry attractions companies: Hopkins Rides, which includes the Super Flume and Water Transportation Systems and Prime Interactives (Formerly Prime Play) featuring No Boundaries™ and Adventure Trail. These two product categories make it possible for WhiteWater Attractions to create customized, unique and successful guest experiences for the entire amusement industry.

WhiteWater Attractions offers a complete range of innovative products including harnessed play, interactive play structures and water rides. With master planning, custom design, manufacturing and theming services, WhiteWater Attractions creates complete amusement experiences for the whole family, from concept to completion.

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