Case Study: Spinning Rapids Ride—Staying Dry in Water Slide Fun

Spinning Rapids Ride at Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park, Qatar

The Spinning Rapids Ride from WhiteWater at Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park, the first in the Middle East, is a spectacular attraction in terms of both experience and significance. Here is why we think it is the best new ride in the EMEA region in 2021.

Making History

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will mark the first time the planet’s biggest football tournament is hosted in the Middle East. This prestigious event brings with it high expectations for the country to impress on behalf of the region, as exhibited through massive developments in the past few years.

With over 100 new hotels vying for attention leading up to the mega event, Hilton Salwa Beach Resort and Villas stands out with the opening of its Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park. Access to the park is free for hotel guests, and day passes are available to those who are not.

Offering guests the time of their lives, the Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park is home to the largest water park in Qatar—the Sea Caves Water Park. It is also one of Qatar’s biggest entertainment venues with an area of over 57,000 m2 and one of the largest theme parks in the Middle East.

A Middle Eastern family of four on the conveyor of a Spinning Rapids Ride in Qatar

Culturally Inclusive—Water Slide Fun but Staying Dry

Of the park’s 18 attractions and 56 rides and slides, one of them is an unprecedented highlight—the Spinning Rapids Ride. An IAAPA Brass Ring Award-winning, WhiteWater original with patented spinning technology, this ride looks like a water slide, and riders will have a heart-pounding experience, but without getting soaked since they can wear their street clothes. This attraction is a key addition to the ride mix for the park as the entire family can enjoy it, no matter the dress. The characteristic makes the ride culturally inclusive—an important factor in this region.

The Longest, the Highest

A raft going down a turn of a yellow Spinning Rapids Ride at Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park

This Spinning Rapids Ride makes a big visual impact and is the ultimate spinning raft experience worldwide. A 97-meter conveyor takes up to six riders in a raft up a hill fully themed with sandy colored rocks, taking them to the apex of a 34.7-meter tower—one of the highest structures visible in this area. Starting at 32 meters, the riders are sent spinning down a large open flume and then into not one, but two helixes, pressing the riders against the back wall. Propelled into tummy-tightening turns and another dramatic drop, the riders spiral down a second exhilarating double helix for a total of two 720-degree turns before entering a river that goes around the entire water and adventure park.

Raft of a Spinning Rapids Ride going down a yellow flume
A Spinning Rapids Ride raft going up a conveyor

The ride is not only exciting in its experience, but also in the number of superlatives it can claim:

  • The only Spinning Rapids Ride in the Middle East
  • The first Spinning Rapids Ride in a water park
  • The highest Spinning Rapids Ride in the world starting at 32m—over 9 stories high, and the longest conveyor at 97m
  • The longest return river for a Spinning Rapids Ride at over 300m
  • The longest continuous Spinning Rapids flume at over 290m

As the world has come to expect magnificence in development projects in the Middle East, the Spinning Rapids Ride at Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park surely qualifies as one to experience.

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Harmony Liau