Water, Power, and Uphill Blasts: 5 Considerations When Choosing a Water Coaster

Heart-pounding plummets and accelerating climbs. Near weightlessness at the peaks and maximum Gs in the valleys. Multi-drops and high-speed curves. In a water park, a water coaster such as Master Blaster is the only attraction that provides all these experiences. That’s what makes this type of water slide unique—and a must in a park’s ride mix.

Four riders in two inner tubes going down a mega drop on a water coaster

Credit: Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast

Offering screaming sensations like a roller coaster, a water coaster often draws the longest queues. And because the motors and water jets propel the riders forward, it doesn’t necessarily need to be launched from a high tower.

As thrilling as they are, not all water coasters are the same in terms of operations, sustainability, and the bottom line. Here are some questions to ask when choosing to invest in one.

1. Power consumption

Can you ramp down the motors to save power when no raft is coming? Or is the equipment blasting water non-stop? 

Blue and red water coaster in water park

Credit: Andamanda Phuket

2. Water consumption

How much water stays in the flume? Is there a constant velocity of water pushing the ride vehicle or is there water vapor spraying everywhere? Are the risers high enough to prevent splash outs? Excess water loss is not only unsustainable, it leads to a large bill as well as corrosion to the surrounding infrastructure.

3. Weight range

For throughput, compare the number of riders in a raft to the minimum and maximum weights. Can the maximum weight realistically carry the maximum number of adult riders in a vehicle?

Riders in inner tubes going uphill on a side-by-side water coaster

4. Ease of maintenance

How many moving parts are there that need replacement often? How easily can your staff access the areas that should be inspected frequently?

5. Off-the-shelf equipment

Are the rafts affordable, widely available vehicles or customized and costly to replace?

Water park guests looking at riders of a water coaster going uphill

Pleasing Both Guests and Operators

Building on 20 years of Master Blaster expertise, WhiteWater’s technological advances make these products the most exciting and sustainable water coasters on the market. The latest version features:

  • large windows for great views for both riders and spectators,
  • removable floor panels for easy access to maintenance, 
  • RTM (resin transfer molding) fiberglass, which is smooth on both sides, easy to clean, and environmentally friendlier to produce than open mold.

Indoor or outdoor, Master Blaster lends itself to fun layouts and many fusion possibilities to make “first-of-its-kind” rides for a park. Examples include Blasterango Battle (Master Blaster + Boomerango) at Soaky Mountain Waterpark, a Master Blaster + Tailspin Fusion at Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast, and a Master Blaster + Constrictor Fusion at Aqualand Moravia.

A man and a woman on an inner tube riding a Master Blaster water coaster

Design Your Very Own

Give your guests the mega drops and uphill blasts they crave. Create your own Master Blaster combined with fiberglass effects or fused with other iconic slide features. Go to the blaster configurator to explore or contact whitewater@whitewaterwest.com.

Harmony Liau