Every park has one, but only the best ones have it just right!

How much of a splash does your park need to be a guest favorite?

Do you have the right water ride mix to make an impact with guests?

Are you providing the soak factor that your guests are seeking?

What is your park’s Splash Factor? Now you can find out for yourself with the help of WhiteWater’s latest online tool, designed keeping the industry benchmark in mind – all it takes is two minutes to equip you to optimize your park’s Splash Factor anonymously if you choose.

What’s it about finding the right ride mix
Not enough splash and you miss out on the impact, but too much can make it overwhelming. Most parks worry about finding the right balance between making a splash and creating the right ride mix for optimum guest fulfillment. Splash Factor has been designed to help answer those concerns. By equipping parks with insight into how well their park is optimising their water ride potential; the tool is designed to measure the water ride mix in comparison to other rides and correlate this to the park’s attendance and an industry benchmark.

Making a splash is one thing and creating an impact is another – and that’s what Splash Factor helps you determine. By providing you a benchmarked rating (High, Medium or Low) based specifically on your park size, you can easily find the category that your park falls into. The critical thing here is to identify the gap between your park’s Splash Factor and the industry benchmark and then work towards finding the right water-ride mix.” – Jesse Crawford, Sales Engineer, Water Rides WhiteWater.

The release of the tool will be followed by a detailed report on Splash Factor across parks around the world to provide deeper insight into cracking the code to high capacity guest entertainment across age-groups through water rides.  Water rides are a perennial guest favorite for a reason.

Find out your park’s Splash Factor and sign up for the report now!