FlowRider® Has Gone Mobile

FlowRider® Mobile update from FlowRider’s Jo Saunders:

The 3rd generation FlowRider® Mobile surf simulator is here!

A perfectly combined 40+ years of employee product experience, FlowRider’s engineering team, and past renditions of the ride has brought the coolest and safest FlowRider Mobile to the market. Well…kind of—the FlowRider Mobile is not for sale. This is a special attraction that is only for rent in America or Canada.

The ride is a bit like a Transformer. If you’re not familiar, basically it folds up into a unit that can be placed onto a standard drop deck flatbed trailer. Once it’s offloaded, it can then be “unfolded” and set up! The front and rear recovery areas are outfitted with Pillow Padding and the sidewalls and ride surface are entirely inflatable. Also inflatable? The ridiculously fun exit slide! Just like other FlowRider products, even the wipeout is part of the fun. By the way, riders can use a bodyboard (prone position) or a flowboard (stand up) to ride—it’s great for all ages.

Compared to the 2nd generation mobile, the containment tank necessitates about half the amount of water and it can be set up and broken down twice as fast. Once it’s set up and in full operation mode, it takes up about 115 square meters (1,200 square feet).

In the past, clients have ranged from church groups to TV networks to huge event production companies. USA Swimming rented the last mobile unit for the Olympic Swim Trials. All the sessions sold out online 2 weeks prior to the 3-week event! That same wave was activated in downtown Austin, Texas during SXSW, creating essentially a mini Flow House™—it was a hit and provided great value to the television network that was promoting a second season of one of their hit shows.

All in all, it’s a great product and we are excited to have it hit the road to bring the thrill of surfing all over the place. To learn more, visit: https://flowridermobile.com/ or drop me a line at: Joanne.Saunders@whitewaterwest.com.

Dawn Kirby