Interactive Play and Theme Design Engineering (IE) Team Spotlight

WhiteWater presents… the teams behind your most memorable water slides and attractions and those favourites yet to come. This month, we are shining the spotlight on our aquatic play experts—the Interactive Play and Theme Design Engineering (IE) Team.

What Does the Interactive Play and Theme Design Engineering (IE) Team Do?

From concept to completion to after sales, the IE Team is responsible for the project execution of all interactive wet products, such as multi-level play structures (AquaPlay, AquaForms, RainFortress, FusionFortress), AquaSpray, AquaSplash, and AquaCourse. The team prepares all the detailed designs for engineering and theming as well as reviews and approvals required for vendors and fabricators. For each project, the IE Team delivers the complete engineering design package, the artistic design intent, and a bill of materials that includes all technical specifications to be used.

Interactive Play and Theme Design Engineering Team by the numbers infographic

When Engineering Marries Art

The IE Team comprises two main groups: Engineering Design, who is responsible for all the technical aspects of interactive products, and Theme Design, who delivers the artistic requirements. The team members come from a diverse background of manufacturing, architecture, mechanical engineering, industrial design, fine and graphic arts, and painting.

Collaborating Through Six Stages to Manufacture Play

It takes a lot of collaboration to create the most memorable play environment for families all over the world. The IE Team is involved at every stage.

Aquatic play structure with tipping bucket and themed with octopus

  1. Project proposal stage: The team recommends products and provides technical input with regard to manufacturability and cost estimation. They also answer the clients’ technical and design questions before closing the deal, as well as help them narrow down colour options and theming elements.
  2. Project design execution stage: The team works with the project manager as well as the other engineering teams, such as Water Slide, Structural and Drafting, and Mechanical, to lead and complete the design requirements.
  3. Manufacturing stage: The team helps the procurement team clarify with vendors as well as provide additional design information and technical approvals as the fabrication process is completed.
  4. Installation and commissioning stages: The team provides more technical support.
  5. Operational stage: Working with the Performance Services Team, the IE Team helps clients with replacement parts or any issues that may arise.

Most Memorable Recent Projects

Morgan’s Inspiration Island, San Antonio, Texas

The world’s first ultra-accessible splash park, Morgan’s Inspiration Island gave the IE Team an opportunity to look at design in a never-before way, to include children of all cognitive, physical, and sensory abilities as well as their caregivers.

Boy in wheelchair playing inside water park

Waldorf Astoria Lusail Doha, Doha, Qatar

For the Middle East market, this facility is culturally inclusive, offering resort guests a mix of custom AquaPlay, AquaCourse, and Adventure Trail so that the entire family can play together, whether in swim wear or street clothes.

Studio City Water Park, Macau SAR, China

This award-winning water park is the first in the city. Among the attractions is an AquaPlay 1750, reflecting the glitz, glam, and fortune themes of the resort.

aquatic play structure with tipping bucket spilling water

The Parisian Macau, Macau SAR, China

One of the earlier properties on the Cotai strip to recognize the need to attract families to the expansive hotel, the IE Team provided wet and dry play structures themed built on the roof deck of this famous resort. The area is beautifully themed with the story, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.”

Aquatic play structure with futuristic boat theming

Aqua Nick at Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Riviera Maya, Mexico

The IE Team worked on a small Paw Patrol-themed AquaPlay 200 for the youngest guests and a big RainFortress 5 that brings visitors into the world of SpongeBob SquarePants. It was a challenging yet very satisfying project, the highlight of which was the design of a geyser that dumped green tinted water on the guests, just like the iconic Nickelodeon slime.

Water play structure spraying green water

Getting to Know the Interactive Play and Theme Design Engineering Team

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