It All Starts with a Proposal: Sales Ops & Estimating Teams

Team Spotlight

WhiteWater presents… the teams behind your most memorable water slides and attractions and those favourites yet to come. This month, we are shining the spotlight on the crew behind our knowledgeable sales staff—the Sales Operations and Estimating Teams.

Sales Ops and Estimating functions work hand in hand to get high-quality bids across the finish line, so it is only fitting that they be presented together in one team spotlight. Here is what they have to say about their work and the value they add.

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What Does Sales Operations Do?

Starting with understanding the project opportunities, specifications, and constraints, the Sales Ops Team ensures that the clients have all the details, numbers, and visualizations they need to make an informed decision about their next big investment.

This involves gathering all required internal deliverables and packaging them into accurate contracts, impressive proposals, and beautiful presentations. Sales Ops is the crew supporting the sales team in their efforts to fill WhiteWater’s pipeline with great projects.

We work hand in hand with Estimating, as well as Architecture and Slide Path, to coordinate all pre-contract work. And we’re good friends with Marketing too.

Working Around the Clock, So to Speak

We understand how clients have deadlines and need answers immediately. That’s why our pre-contract teams work flexibly to serve projects all over the Americas, Middle East, Europe, and APAC. We also have team members located in different time zones to support the sale team anywhere in the world during their workday.

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How Important Is Good Estimating?

Good estimating means numbers you can rely on through consistent approaches and attention to detail in the work. We work diligently to incorporate as many factors into our calculations as possible to ensure that we provide a consistent basis for our figures, and justifications to back them up. We’re open about our processes and always strive to deliver on time.

An estimate is really just that—our closest approximation of the costs based on the information available to us at the time the estimate is completed. While projects can bring a whole host of variables and unknowns, our goal is to ensure the assumption that we make will lead to projects that can be successfully delivered on budget.

Favourite Bids/Proposals

It is absolutely satisfying to see a proposal successfully winning a bid and then have it come to life, from rendering to opening. Here are some of our recent favourites:

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Getting to know the Sales Ops & Estimating Team members:

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