Water Conservation in Water Park Attractions

Water is fun. Water is also precious. While in most water parks 97% of the water used is recycled, it is still imperative to design parks and attractions in a way that consumes less water and prevents unnecessary water loss.

Let’s take a look at ways—some of these might not be immediately obvious—we can reduce water consumption in our line of business with water park attractions.

Turn on water only when needed

Take a water coaster for example. A Master Blaster with Brass Ring Award-winning Smart Blast technology can ramp down the motors to save water and energy when not needed to drive riders uphill.

For aquatic play, look for handprint and footprint activators that turn on the water only when children are playing. These are available for splash pads and for individual play features. In other words, water would not always be running.

Reduce unnecessary vapor spray

Attractions with many small nozzles, or even faulty nozzles, spray water vapor everywhere, leading to high water consumption, high evaporation, and corrosion in the surrounding infrastructure. In contrast, taking Master Blaster as an example again, high-flow water jets propel the ride vehicle with a constant velocity, keeping the water in the flume with very little water loss.

Prevent splash-outs

High risers, designed with advanced 3D modelling and simulations, contain splash-outs on water slides that involve exciting twists and turns. Similarly, wave catchers in run-out lanes diffuse waves and recapture water.

Prevent leaks

The seals in water slide joints work better when the parts fit perfectly. Water slide made with RTM (resin transfer molding) fiberglass are more exacting, which can better prevent leaks at joints.

Start with less water

WhiteWater’s vehicle water slides have an innovative low water entry tub design that requires less water at the start, which means that the slide uses less water overall. Our proprietary simulation software determines exactly how much water is needed for a slide so we don’t overspecify the water flow rate or pumps.

Prevent evaporation

On a hot day, Life Floor rubber foam tiles keep aquatic play surfaces cool to the feet—and reduce evaporation.

As a manufacturer, we continuously develop designs and technologies that prioritize the responsible use of water, and we know it’s important to both our clients and their guests.

For more about WhiteWater’s sustainability journey, please visit: https://www.whitewaterwest.com/about/sustainability/

Harmony Liau