Slips and falls are a challenge in any water park environment and spoil people’s day out at worst ending in litigation. There are anti-slip surfaces which often use abrasive coatings, Life Floor has been designed for how people actually want to play in water: barefoot. An award-winning aquatics flooring company, Life Floor manufactures the comprehensive flooring surface solution designed specifically for the unique needs of water parks. Created as an alternative to conventional surface coatings, Life Floor is a foam-rubber flooring system that delivers unparalleled safety, play value, and comfort—making it a perfect fit with WhiteWater’s water play product lines.

Key Product Highlights

Ripple 2.0 texture

Unparalleled traction

Non-abrasive surface

Impact absorption

Incredible cushioning

Burn prevention

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Life Floor

Reduce slip and falls in your park with Life Floor’s flooring solutions

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