Water Slide Engineering Team: Pushing the Limits of Fun & Thrills While Ensuring Safety

Team Spotlight

WhiteWater presents… the teams behind your most memorable water slides and attractions and those favourites yet to come. This month, we are shining the spotlight on the Water Slide Engineering (WSE) Team.

Team Infographic

Team leader Nick Winters tells about his department:

What does the team do?

The Water Slide Engineering Team has two major functions: project execution and project support.

We ensure that all slides commissioned are safe in terms of performance, slide geometry, water flow, and vehicle or rider class. Many water slides start off as a general design or proof of concept, but they need validation from the WSE team before being constructed. We check all the relevant codes and internal guidelines based on the water slide type and adapt the slide design to accommodate. Our work includes customer interaction and site support to create the best solution specific to each project.  

Impact in the attractions industry

The WSE Team continually improves our systems to validate the safety and performance of water slides. With more and more enhanced software comes deeper understanding of how our different products behave. This enables Water Slide Engineering to push the limits of fun and thrills for guests while keeping safety paramount.

Bringing skills from different industry backgrounds

Water Slide Engineering Team members bring all sorts of valuable perspectives and experiences to WhiteWater. Several came from the automotive industry. Other backgrounds include marine, HVAC, architecture, mining, and even forensic pathology.

Water Slide Engineering Team’s Picks: Most Memorable Projects in Recent Years

Yinji Xinmi Waterpark in Henan, China

Why? At the time, it was China’s largest water park, with $34 million dollars’ worth of WhiteWater’s products.

Abyss Yinji Xinmi

Perfect Day at CocoCay by Royal Caribbean

Why? There were so many different ride experiences in the Daredevil Tower. It was challenging getting all the slides to intermingle and fit the tower with all the clearances needed. The end result was very satisfying in terms of the appearance (nothing was out of place) and performance. We painstakingly made sure that the tallest slide coiling around the tower was spaced out evenly, giving it the look of an iconic beacon of fun.

Thrill Tower- Perfect Day at CoCoCay- The Bahamas- Photo01

Studio City Water Park in Macau SAR, China

Why? It was technically difficult due to the design and installation on top of a casino. Some slides had custom metallic paint to fit the resort’s theme, and some had special AquaLucent effects that created an exhilarating sense of acceleration.

Qetaifan Island North in QatarWhy? The sheer size and complexity. The water park will have 36 water slides, with the record-breaking Icon Tower featuring 12 of them, when it opens this year ahead of the World Cup.

Icon Tower Qetaifan Project

Getting to Know the Water Slide Engineering Team Members:

Nick Winters WhiteWater
Jason Hu WhiteWater
Andrew Lepper WhiteWater

Nick Chahal WhiteWater
Mandy Chen WhiteWater
Mark Pedisic WhiteWater
Neil McLagan
Janusz Krawczynski
Andrew Chin
Jaxon Porter
Michael Nell
Daniel Pekar
Ryan Sinitsin
Marco Lechua
Gary Villette
Jay Lin

Harmony Liau