WhiteWater Receives Brass Ring Award for Parallel Pursuit

The world’s leading manufacturer for water attractions is recognized for its product innovation with the new dueling competition slide.

At this year’s International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo in Orlando, WhiteWater was honoured with a Brass Ring Award for its racing slide, Parallel Pursuit, in the category of Best New Product—Water Park Ride/Attraction.

With the Brass Rings “awarding the innovation and unwavering spirit of our industry,” Parallel Pursuit is recognized for elevating the guest experience while considering practical, operational needs. It is designed for high throughput in a compact footprint, and with power and water efficiencies as well as high-quality fiberglass that make the total cost of ownership very attractive.

True Side-by-Side Racing Thrills with Parallel Pursuit

Side-by-side racing from start line to photo finish, Parallel Pursuit is an exciting, interactive water slide that has guests at Nocatee Spray Park in Florida riding over and over again. Its innovation lies in the low separating walls that allow rivals to see and hear each other, on straightaways and turns, in open and in enclosed sections, all the while speeding down the flume at up to 19 mph/32 kph.

Competition slides are generally a good way to encourage repeat ridership, and Parallel Pursuit provides more shared experience than any other racing slide on the market. Available either as a mat racer or a body slide, so headfirst or feet first, Parallel Pursuit is highly configurable with varying thrill levels. It can be mixed and matched with AquaTube segments and enhanced with AquaLucent light effects. Parallel Pursuit has no height limitations and can fit into a tight footprint—all with an affordable price tag.

“We are honoured, once again, to be recognized by the industry. The IAAPA Brass Rings not only serve as proof of our expertise, they are a testament to the care and hard work of our product development team, our project managers, and our installers around the world,” said WhiteWater President and CCO, Paul Chutter.

He continued, “Our products are outstanding because they provide exciting new dimensions for the guest experience and at the same time, never lose sight of long-term operational considerations. And Parallel Pursuit demonstrates these qualities perfectly.”Receiving an award for Parallel Pursuit

Harmony Liau