Our AquaSplash line complements the multi-level play structures in our portfolio. Create a wonderland of fun with themed splash pads that are perfect for kids of all ages.

From colourful, whimsical elements to animals, plants, and pirate ships, each Collection in AquaSplash is designed to encourage imaginative play and interaction. We offer nine Collections that feature themed elements grouped together based on colour and function to help you create a one-of-a-kind splash pad.  The various elements of the splash pads can be moved around or added on in stages, making them cost-effective for smaller budgets. 

Key Product Highlights

A splash pad for any budget, big or small

Mix & match product lines of any collection

Every splash pad is completely customizable

Hundreds of different interactive products to mix

Features tools to help conserve water and energy

Made with non-toxic materials designed to last

White Water Revolutions
Twist & Spout
White Water Nautical
High Seas
White Water Grasslands
Flora & Fauna
White Water Grasslands
Grasslands by ehring
Sneaky Soakers and spiral tunnel
Sneaky Soakers and Spiral Tunnel
RENDER - Wildwood Jungle
RENDER - Shoreline
Shoreline by ehring
RENDER - Nautical - Beach Surf
High Seas
Ladybug soaker
Ladybug Soaker
Jam Sessions Splash Pad

Product Customization

White Water Nautical


Because of the breadth and variety of the AquaSplash product line, we have grouped similar elements together based on colour, theme, and function into Collections. These Collections help you create a splash pad with a coherent theme that incorporates a variety of elements such as sprays, soakers, tunnels, blasters, and arches to create a watery wonderland of play.

RENDER - Nautical - Beach Surf

Elements Can Be Added On

The various elements in all Collections and Collection Add-Ons can be moved around or added on in stages, making them cost-effective for smaller budgets.

White Water Grasslands

Completely Customizable

AquaSplah includes a series of elements that can be added into any of the Collections to make your play structure or splash pad even more fun! All splash pads are also completely customizable, so you can pick and choose which elements in which colours or themes to include.

Turn your vision into reality

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RENDER - Nautical - Beach Surf