Wave pools are the heart of every water park. They offer something for every age and play type; an essential part of your park’s attractions mix.

Product Customization

Family Wave Pool - Wet'n'Wild Las Vegas, NV, USA

Variety of Waves

We can provide systems that create a variety of waves for your pool. Set wave height, pattern, and frequency anytime depending on what your guests want. Whether they’d like to relax or surf challenging waves, you can make it happen and keep it changing.

Family Wave Pool - Sun City Valley of the Waves, South Africa

Customizable Size

Depending on your park’s size, we can design the perfect Wave Pool that will work with your footprint, layout, and aesthetic.

Ramayana Waterpark, Thailand

Combine Pools

Can’t decide between the different type of pools? We can combine them into a Dual Wave Pool, complete with a Kids’ Wave Pool, too. Dual Wave Pools combine Family and Surf Wave Pools so that you have the flexibility to create distinct experiences side by side.

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