We can combine a Family Wave Pool and a Surf Wave Pool to create a Dual Wave Pool, which gives parks the flexibility to create two very distinct experiences side-by-side.

One side of the pool provides the calm enjoyment of Family Waves, while the other offers the exhilaration of larger waves.  This ‘two in one’ solution gives your different guest demographics what they want safely and simultaneously.

Key Product Highlights

Endless flexibility

Distinct experiences side-by-side

An experience for all ages

Very high capacity

Calm, relaxing and exciting at once

Perfect setting for Life Floor

Ramayana Waterpark, Thailand
Ramayana Waterpark, Thailand
Chimelong Waterpark, China
Chimelong Waterpark, China
Dual Wave Pool - Chimelong Waterpark, Guangzhou, China (2)
Beach Park, Brazil
Beach Park, Brazil

Turn your vision into reality

With a high capacity wave pool that caters to all demographics.

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Wet N Joy Waterpark, India