Located in Dapeng New District in Shenzhen, China, Kaisa Water World is surrounded by the mountains and the sea, making it a challenging and unique place to build a water park. Featuring a wide range of attractions—all from WhiteWater—including exciting fusion water slides, wave pool, lazy river, and the interactive, multi-level water play structure, FusionFortress, the park is able to maximize capacity in this limited area and deliver big surprises to its guests.


For the ultimate family entertainment, the park’s FusionFortress 17 is a mini water park in itself. It not only features more than 400 play elements, it also boasts open and enclosed slides, racing slides, Champagne Bowl, and more, offering children and adults hours of fun in one attraction. For those seeking more thrills, they can experience being pinned high to the wall while rotating inside the saw-toothed Super Bowl 50—our biggest and the first ever installed. Or they can slide into the 18-metre high, AquaSphere and saw-toothed Abyss fusion, where they will oscillate between extreme Gs and zero gravity sensations.

Project Highlights


installation of Super Bowl 50


slides throughout the park


interactive features on FusionFortress 17

Abyss Best Water Park Manufacturer
Abyss, Kaisa Water World, Shenzhen, China
Super Bowl Aqua Sphere Best Water Park Manufacturer
Super Bowl 50, Kaisa Water World, Shenzhen, China
Kids Slides Best Water Park Manufacturer
Kids’ Slides, Kaisa Water World, Shenzhen, China
Fusion Fortress Best Waterpark Manufacturer
FusionFortress 17, Kaisa Water World, Shenzhen, China
Wave Pool Manufacturer Water Park Best
Wave Pool, Kaisa Water World, Shenzhen, China
Rattler Constrictor AquaTube Best Water Slide Manufacturer
Slide Tower, Kaisa Water World, Shenzhen, China
Best Water Park Manufacturer Abyss FussionFortress Constrictor Rattler
Overview, Kaisa Water World, Shenzhen, China

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