Messing about in water has never been so fun. Designed with insights from child psychologists WhiteWater understands how important play is to everyone, in all its forms. Our multi-level play structures are exploratory paths up and fun slides down, and are packed with interactive water features. A platform for imaginative journeys and making new friends, our AquaPlay or AquaFroms entertain children for hours, without a queue line in sight.

Overview, Typhoon Texas Waterpark, Katy, USA

Outdoor Water Parks

Outdoor water parks come in all shapes and sizes, from stand alone municipal parks to sprawling resorts. They can be built in a variety of settings from urban jungles to secluded private islands, on a range of landscapes, from the side of a hill to a rooftop.

Master Blaste, AquaSferra Donetzk Indoor Waterpark, Ukraine

Indoor Water Parks

Indoor water parks are the perfect antidote to inclement weather, changing seasons, and shorter days. When attached to hotels and resorts they can also help to boost a property’s ADR and differentiate them from their competition.


Hotels & Resorts

The price-conscious, the business traveler, and the vacationing family are all going to do their research to find the location that checks all of their boxes. It’s never been easier for travelers to compare and contrast hotels and alternative accommodations.

FlowBarrel Ten- Wave House® San Diego, CA, USA


With ‘retailtainment’ fast emerging as the new norm in the retail industry, we see a growing number of retail spaces looking for unique ways to build fun and entertainment into the shopping experience.

Whizzard, Wet n Joy Water Park, Lonavala, India

Amusement and Theme parks

We can help you expand the story of your park by seamlessly integrating our water rides and other attractions into your narrative. WhiteWater’s water rides and interactive play structures offer diversity within a theme park giving visitors a variety of options to keep them in the park longer.

Champagne Bowl, Carnival Cruise Line, Carnival Breeze

Cruise Ships

With over 100 engineers, we have developed products to withstand the unique challenges found within attractions in the cruise line industry. We’ve overcome these challenges – such as UV exposure, sea water, and the ship’s swaying – while maximizing deck space and minimizing build time.

AquaPlay AP650 Water Play Structure Supplier The Cove Jurupa Valley Aquatic Center, Riverside, CA, USA

Municipal Water Parks

WhiteWater’s Parks and Recreation Division is committed to serving municipalities, big and small, across the United States with the most comprehensive product range in the industry.

WaveHouse SD FRS (7)

Surf Venues

Our family of surf products will pull guests in to ride or to watch the spectacle of talented Flowboarders showing off their skills on the world’s best sheet wave. Our stationary waves will satisfy both your active capacity (those participating in the ride) as well as your passive capacity (those sitting on

RainFortress, Zoombezi Bay Columbus-Zoo, Powell, USA


With the changing face of zoos from being conventional modes of learning and discovery to wildlife conservation and entertainment, guests are constantly expecting more entertainment value from such venues. re constantly expecting more entertainment value from such venues.


Adding interactivity and capacity

Our range of multi-level water play structures and splash pad features offers interactive fun for guests of all ages and abilities while giving your water park a place to absorb the crowds for a queue line free attraction.

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Kids playing at a Rain Forest, AquaPlay Structure by WhiteWater West
"Building a brand new waterpark from scratch is a huge undertaking. We needed a partner with the horsepower to get it done and WhiteWater was the right decision."
Keith A. DaltonnCo-President, Typhoon Texas
Overview, Typhoon Texas Waterpark, Katy, USA