An unconventional venue with a splash!

With the changing face of zoos from being conventional modes of learning and discovery to wildlife conservation and entertainment, guests are constantly expecting more entertainment value from such venues. By integrating attractions such as water rides into zoos, you can add variety to the guest experience which can help drive annual pass sales.

Water Rides for Zoo

With the recently installed Shoot the Chute water ride at ZooTampa, Lowry Park, WhiteWater has transformed the conventional zoo experience by adding an iconic water ride splash and experience.

Shoot the Chute, ZooTampa, FL, USA

Interactivity for All

Our interactive water play structures and splash pad features come in all different shapes and sizes to engage children of all ages and abilities. Our AquaForms, AquaPlays, AquaCourses, and AquaSprays can be customized to optimize and complement any space.

AquaPlay Lazy River Solaris Aquapark Šibenik Croatia

Exceptional, Personalized Experiences

“Part of our mission is to create exceptional, personalized experiences that connect people with wildlife and each other in fun, immersive ways,” said the ZooTampa’s CEO, Joe Couceiro. “Roaring Springs will provide thrills for guests while the continued transformation of the Florida Region improves the Zoo’s capacity to rescue threatened native wildlife throughout the state. With these enhancements, the evolution of the Zoo continues and gives our guests reasons to keep coming back.”

TAMPA FL - June 06 Roaring Springs Opening at ZooTampa in Tampa, FL.

Water Transportation System

A Water Transportation System is another great addition to a zoo providing an exciting way of navigation through the zoo, giving time to enjoy the sights and rest the legs adding to the guest experience. WhiteWater’s experience in zoos shows how we are masters at making the maximum entertainment use of a small space and keeping a close eye on budget limitations. We understand your investments need to deliver big value per square feet!

Water Transportation – Morgan’s Inspiration Island, San Antonio, Texas, US
Baboon Lagoon
AquaPlay AP550 - Audubon Zoo, New Orleans, LA, USA
AquaPlay AP550 – Audubon Zoo, New Orleans, LA, USA
TAMPA FL - June 06 Roaring Springs Opening at ZooTampa in Tampa, FL.
TAMPA FL – June 06 Roaring Springs Opening at ZooTampa in Tampa, FL.

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Shoot the Chute - ZooTampa, FL, US