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WhiteWater launches Dueling AquaLoops

Head-to-head looping body slides generating unprecedented guest buzz
posted on June 29, 2010

The launch of the Dueling AquaLoops waterslides, expandes the AquaLoop family with a thrilling new design that doubles capacity and takes guest entertainment to a whole new level.

The Dueling AquaLoops are a unique configuration of WhiteWater’s immensely popular AquaLoop looping waterslide, a winner in the IAAPA 2009 Best New Waterpark Product category. The Dueling AquaLoops put one rider against another in a head-to-head speed challenge, delivering heart-pounding excitement for riders and offering entertainment for spectators below. Starting from a single tower, riders stand inside the launch capsules and await the countdown. 3…2…1…go! The floor drops and riders plunge 45 ft (17 m) down, accelerating to speeds of nearly 38 mph (60 Km/h), hurtling up and over the near-vertical loop as more than 2.4 G’s press their bodies against the flume before they splash into the runout. It’s sure to be the most intense waterslide experience of their lives!

The first Dueling AquaLoops – two of them, totaling four AquaLoops – are currently being installed at Wet‘n’Wild Water World in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. “The Dueling AquaLoops are one of the most exciting waterslide concepts to hit the market in a long time”, says Bob White, General Manager of Wet’n’Wild Water World. “Sending guests on a head-to-head race through the trap doors, down the flumes and around the nearly vertical loops will be amazing. We loved the idea so much; we’re putting in four AquaLoops! The ride has already generated unprecedented interest from our guests, so we are looking forward to a great summer!”